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Alternative Crops Extension On-line Pest Manuals
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Berry Research Food Safety Pesticide Label Sites
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Alternative Crops
New Crop Resources from Purdue: Comprehensive information on new potential crop species.
Oregon Crop Information and Options: Interesting and useful listing of present and potential fruit crops for Oregon. Emphasis is on tree fruit crops.
WSU Mt. Vernon Alternative crops: A rating of the potential of many alternative crops for commercial production in Western Washington.
Berry Information Sites
BC Berry Production Guide: On line excerpts from the 2002-2003 Berry Production Guide. It has solid, practical information but not in a very convenient form. There’s also information on ordering the newest production guide.
Canadian resource list for berry growers Good site for information from British Columbia. This has a link to the InfoBasket.
Cornell Small Fruit Resources: Excellent base source for small fruit information. Very well maintained and updated.
Michigan State Blueberry Facts: Good information and easy to navigate.
National Berry Report: data generated from USDA Ag Marketing Service (daily movement and shipping point price information) offered by the California Strawberry Commission.
Northwest Berry and Grape Infonet: The best and most complete online source for berry production information in the Northwest. It has a broad and deep information base. Targeted for the PNW.
Ohio State Fruit Factsheets: Some excellent caneberry and strawberry factsheets.
Penn State Small Fruit Resources: Some good small fruit disease fact sheets.
The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium: Four Southern Universities sponsor this site for the Southeast small fruit industry. Well put together with a lot of information.
Berry Research
ARS Fruit Lab
Northwest Center for Small Fruit Research: The site is pretty basic explaining the purpose of the site and research priorities as well as abstracts of funded projects.
Scottish Crops Research Institute
SCRI Fruitgate
Washington State Commission for Pesticide Registrations: This organization is the source of a lot of small fruit research funding. The site lists projects funded and how to submit proposals.
Cold Storage
Cold Storage Figures updated monthly by Rufus La Lone and housed on the Northwest Berry & Grape web site. These figures are used to track on-going demand and the supply of processed small fruits.
Commissions and Councils
British Columbia Blueberry Council
Oregon Blueberry Commission
Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission
Oregon Strawberry Commission
Raspberry Industry Development Council (BC)
Washington Blueberry Commission
Washington Red Raspberry Commission
Washington Strawberry Commission
Degree Day/ Weather Sites
Agrimet: The best site for overall water use data and irrigation planning in the Northwest.
IPM Models: Up to date degree-day information for the northwest. It has a lot of good information but not user friendly. It takes some time to figure out how to use it.
PAWS: This is the WSU ag weather station network. If you’ve got one of their weather stations close to you, this site can be very useful.
Departments of Agriculture
Canadian Ministry of Agriculture
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Washington State Department of Agriculture
North Willamette Research and Extension Center
Oregon State University Extension
Washington State University Extension
Washington State University Mt Vernon
Washington State University Puyallup
Washington State University Vancouver
Washington State University Whatcom County
Foood Safety
Oregon Department of Agriculture good agriculture-handling practices certification program
Primus Labs safety logo information
Cornell University good agriculture practices information
EUREPGAP - fruit and vegetable certification
University of California good agricultural practices information
Foreign Industry Sites
Atys of Mexico
Joonas Berry harvesters
Nevada Export
Blue Ridge Farms: Blueberry Grower in Woodland, WA. Jeff and Melinda Luethold sell a number of value added blueberry products.
Graysmarsh Farm: Located out in Sequim, WA. Graysmarsh has its own preserves and U-Pick operation.
Samson Estates: Raspberry growers in the Lynden area that also make a number of great quality small fruit wines
Overlake Foods: Grower owned fruit marketing. Frozen fruit; non-infused dried blueberries, conventional/organic; dried cherries; blueberry and tart cherry concentrates; industrial and retail.
IPM Websites
Berry IPM Web Resources: A listing of a lot of berry resources on the web.
Cornell Biocontrol guide: Excellent biocontrol information. Pictures and descriptions of biocontrol agents.
Listing of Northwest IPM websites: List of IPM resources on the web.
Bramble production and IPM news: from North American Bramble Growers Assoc. & Virginia Tech.
Natural Enemies Gallery—UCIPM: Terrific beneficial insect pictures and information.
OSU Integrated Plant Protection Center: The main OSU organization dedicated to IPM research and implementation. Excellent source for expertise and web links. and most complete resource for IPM information.
UCIPM Program: The home page for probably the country’s best university IPM site
Washington State Pest Management Resource Service: The home page for Washington State University’s IPM programs.
Whatcom Raspberry IPM Manual: For northwest raspberry growers, this is the best.
National Grower Organizations
California Strawberry Commission Useful site with health, research and export information.
Michigan Blueberry Growers Assn Health information and a store for selling product, plus history of the association.
National Berry Crops Initiative informaton about the partnership of industry, academia and government formed to develop a strategic plan for the continued growth and sustainability of berry crop production in the United States.
North American Blueberry Council represents U.S. and Canadian blueberry growers and marketers.
North American Bramble Growers Assn information for consumers and media, growers and researchers.
North American Strawberry Growers Assn information for consumers and media, growers and researchers.
North Carolina Strawberry Assn more than 100 recipes and all that's wonderful about strawberries.
United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable: This organization really stays on top of national food and agricultural issues.
U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council
Newsletters (Internet and email)
Fruit Times from Penn State
Florida Berry Times: Monthly, University of Florida. Information on the Florida strawberry and blueberry industries.
Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News: Monthly, University of Illinois Extension grower news.
MSU Fruit Crop Alerts: Seasonal monthly. Keeps on top of Michigan small fruit crops and conditions.
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: Weekly sustainable agriculture and organic farming news, events, and funding opportunities.
New Jersey Blueberry Bulletin: Weekly through the season. Excellent blueberry information from Dr. Gary Pavlis, Rutgers University Extension agent.
New York Berry News: Monthly, Cornell University. Covers statewide production of berry crops.
Ontario Berry News: Monthly, Detailed crop information from Pam Fisher, the Ontario Berry Crop Specialist.
Purdue University-‘Facts for Fancy Fruit’: Seasonal monthly. Advice for Midwest small fruit growers.
Small Fruit Update: Weekly during the season, as needed in the winter. Crop information and industry news for the Pacific Northwest. Archives available.
UMass Berry Notes: Weekly through the season. Excellent, in depth information on commercial small fruit crops for New England. Some very good IPM articles.
On Line Pest Manuals
Cornell Berry Doc: Set up to guide you through a list of disease symptoms to making a diagnosis of what the problem is. Unique and well done.
OSU Insect Pest Manual: A good source for northwest insect pest information.
OSU Plant Disease Manual: The best and most thorough northwest disease manual available. It’s also easy to navigate.
OSU Weed Manual: An excellent source.
Whatcom Raspberry IPM: For northwest raspberry growers, this is the best and most complete resource for insect and disease information.
WSU, Hortsense: Targeted toward the home gardener, Hortsense still has a lot of very useful factsheets.
Pest Management Strategic Plans/ Crop Profiles
Blueberry Pest Management Strategic Plan, 2004
Caneberry Pest Management Strategic Plan, 2003
Strawberry Crop Profile for Oregon, 2002
Pesticide Label Guides
CDMS: A pesticide label database. Search by brand name.
Greenbook: A pesticide label database. Search by brand name or active ingredient.
PICOL: WSU’s pesticide label database.
Global Berry Farms
Northwest Food Processors Assn.
Oregon Berry Packing
Sakuma Brothers
Scenic Fruit Company
Fall Creek Nursery: Blueberries and other vaccinium species.
Lassen Canyon: Strawberries
Nourse Farms: Raspberries and strawberries major crops. Also have blueberries, blackberries, currants, and gooseberries.
Nursery Guide: Cornell listing of major US small fruit nurseries.
Nursery list: Extensive list of 2002 North American small fruit nurseries.
Oregon Blueberry Farm and Nursery: Blueberries
Sakuma Brothers: Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries
SpoonerFarms: Raspberries
ATTRA—Sustainable Ag Network : A national clearinghouse for information on Sustainable Agriculture.
WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources
Food Alliance: This is an eco-label that encourages sustainable practices by certifying growers.
National Organic Program: The USDA site with all you’d ever want to know on the national program.
Organic Farming Resource List : Set up by ‘Food not Lawns’, this site has a lot of links for organic farming activists.
Organic Small Fruit Disease Management: From Ohio State.
Organic Trade Assn.: A membership organization that advocates for the organic industry and stays on top of the hot public policy issues.
Oregon Tilth: Organic certification organization.
Sustainable Ag Research and Education: SARE: This is a USDA program that encourages sustainable farming through a number of grant programs.
Washington State Organic Links: This is a useful list of links on the Washington Tilth site.
Washington Tilth: Organic certification organization.
WSDA Organic Food Program: The Washington State Organic site.
Weeds All of the following links have series of weed pictures. They can be very useful if you’re not sure of the name of the weed you’re looking at.
PNW Pictorial Weed I.D.
PNW Weed Manual
Rutgers Weed Thumbnail Image Index